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Kimmi with her stuffed Yorkies
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Daddy thinks this diaper will keep me from peeing on the carpet.

NOTE: Since this picture was taken Kimmi and I have come to an understanding.  She pees & poops when I put her outside but if I don't recognise that she has to go,  she relieves herself on a pee pad that we leave next to the back door.  No more diaper but I still think the picture is cute!!
This ball is just my size and nobody can have it but me!
Kimmi  (Casino's Showgirl) was born on
 July 27th, 2001 and passed Nov 14,2015.  
Her father is Ch. Rembrandt's Gilly of Turyanne 
and her mother is Casino's Mohegan Sun.

When the breeder, Maureen Bergin, realized that Kimmi was too small to continue to be shown or bred,  sadly she parted with her and we were the lucky recipients of Kimmi. 
As a full grown little girl, Kimmi now is just 2 pounds 12 oz.  She makes up for her diminutive size with a giant outgoing personality. 
Note!  Many of you know that I am not a proponent of very small Yorkies.  To this end, my thoughts have not changed with our getting Kimmi.  The first pre-requisite for a small Yorkie is to find a competent Vet that is familiar with care and treatment of very small dogs.  Failure to do this can result in heartbreaking results.  Second: Have these little females spayed right away to make sure they don't get pregnant.  Pregnancy is very dangerous for them.  Spaying also reduces the chance of cancer in later years.

ALSO: Small Yorkies should not be exposed to very young children.  Without intention, a child may hug the dog too hard, play too rough, or may drop the dog resulting in harm or death.
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Here Kimmi is babysitting for her new niece Jordan Elizabeth Conrad.  Jordan may be bigger but she can't move as fast as Kimmi
Winner of the Smallest Dog at the Rutland MA
"Sweetpea Dog Walk"
May 17th, 2003 & May 14th 2005

Kimmi walked the full 3 miles and that had to be at least four times the amount of step as any other dog that completed the course!
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Newest Angel....RIP