The most common question
 I get is:

The answer is really quite simple and if you follow the tip below it will be fast and easy.  Remember, you have to train your puppy and not have the puppy try to train you!!!!
The key to training most any breed is to start off right and don't expect more than a juvenile dog is able to deliver.  You wouldn't expect a human baby to be potty trained in a week so don't expect a dog to be any different.  As puppies, their bladder and bowels are very small and need to be emptied often.  And when they play they get excited and eliminate more frequently.

My recommendation is to crate train a puppy.  Dogs generally will not mess in an area that they have to sleep in.  Get a crate that will accommodate the pup and, if you need to block off part of the space - do so, to give it just enough room to comfortably lie down.  

A small pad or folded Bath Towel can be put in there to make it more comfortable.  At night we also placed a small stuffed animal in there.  Keep the puppy in the crate at night and at all times that you are not walking, feeding or playing with it.    Remove the pup the first thing in the morning and take it outside.  Bring it back in after it has gone potty and feed it.  If it fails to go potty when outside, bring it back in and directly into the crate.  If it did go potty outside you can play for 5 to 10 minutes and back outside.

Continue by bringing it back inside the house and back into the crate.  After about 2 hours back outside, play, back outside and then back into the crate.   It should only take one to two weeks and your puppy will get the idea that it has to go potty outside.  

Because it is still young there may be an occasional accident and when that happens raise your voice in a stern manner and say: "NO" and put it right back outside. 

Never never hit the dog or push its face into the mess.

If you follow these instructions your pet will be a good citizen in any house it enters.

Oh I  know the argument that crate training is cruel.  That's not true.  Dogs are "Den" type animals and consider the crate their own little corner of the world and it shelters them from harm.  Virtually all show dogs are kept in crates during transportation and in many case through the night even as adults.
 How can I "housebreak"
  or                  "Potty train" my puppy?
There is an alternative to having your dog GO outside and that's the use of a Piddle Pad.  For apartment dwellers and others this may be the answer to keeping your living space free of spots.  

The best choice is “Incontinency Pads”, available at most nursing home or hospital supply stores.  They vary in size but I find the best ones are about 36 inches square. These can also be ordered online from .  These reusable washable pads are absorbent and have a backing that won’t wet through. 

I don't recommend using Newspaper as the ink can be toxic and I DON'T recommend using the disposable piddle pads like the ones available at most pet stores.  They have a plastic backing that most puppies find irresistible when it comes to chewing on them.  If the pup ingests this plastic backing it could cause intestinal blockage as plastic does not break down from the digestive process.  

For male dogs that lift their legs, place a fire hydrant substitute like a large coffee can or Plastic One Gallon Milk Bottle in the center of the pad to insure your little guy GOES in the right place.  Smearing a little scent on the can will insure he knows what it’s there for.

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