Launched in 1996 and stationed at 103º West Longitude, Americom-1 (GE-1) was GE-Americom's first A2100 hybrid C and Ku-band satellite. Now home for several nationally and regionally delivered C-band cable services, GE-1, was the nation's newest premiere cable satellite.  GE-1's Ku-band transponders serve a variety of broadcast, mobile, educational, private business and government applications. 
Here I'm pictured 1 hour prior to liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida
Pictured here is our tour group at Lockheed-Martin in Princeton, NJ.

In the background is the Echostar-2 satellite during construction.  This satellite is used to deliver TV programming to consumer's homes via the Dish Network system.  
I'm pictured in the front with the eye glasses hanging around my neck.

This complete facilty is a "Clean Environment" to eliminate contamination of satellite components.

The average cost to construct and launch a satellite is 
$400,000,000.00  Yes, that's four hunderd million dollars!!
As many of you know, I was in the satellite communication business.  This has afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the world.  Having worked as a private contractor for many of the major TV and cable networks I've met and worked with some very nice and not-so-nice people but I enjoyed it all.

1996 was a particularly busy year.  Below are some of the events I attended that were highlights of that year.  Now in retirement and with the upcoming Olympics I look back with fond memories of these events.  

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