Meet .... Gabby, Kelsey & Kimmi
Gabby came to us first.  She was born on June 17th, 1995.  She was 6  1/4 pounds of never ending energy.  She's gone from us now in body but she still occupies a huge place in our hearts.  I'll never forget how much she enhanced our lives.
The sun shone thru the clouds for the first time in several days.
People busily drove here and there as they do on a daily basis
And for everyone else it was the same stuff, different day
But to me, I'm sad for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

The wars rage on around the world and some soldiers are reunited with their families.
The politicians make their impassioned speeches.
CNN and Fox news report on the gruesome killings in our cities 
But to me, my eyes are blurry with tears for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

Kids run gleefully thru playgrounds as they chase each other.
Kites fly high in the sky on this beach and that.
Church bells ring and choirs sing
But to me, my grief is unbearable for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

Tonight the sun will set in the west
The stars will light up the night's sky
The moon will make its appointed rounds up on high
But to me, I'll not have a restful sleep for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

Tomorrow will be another day
The birds will tend their young
Chipmunks scurry around my yard gathering food
But to me from this day forward I'll always be sad for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

As I gaze upon the sky whether day or night
The glow of heaven's radiance permeates my eyes and soul
I know Kelsey has joined her sister Gabby and brother Harry and now Andy at GOD'S side, and for that I'm grateful.
But conversely I'm still sad for my Yorkie Kelsey died today.

6:28 a.m. Saturday May 28th 
We don't breed dogs..
We just "L    VE EM"
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And now we have Kimmi.  Kimmi was born on July 27th. 2001.  She came to us on March 21st after I came home from Crufts.  I had seen her at the NY specialty and fell in love with her.  She is small compared to Gabby and Kelsey as she tips the scales at less than 3 pounds.    Playful, loving and cute as a button she has made herself right at home in our house.    All three are precious & irreplaceable.  Since Gabby and Kelsey's death,  Kcee and Katey have joined us. 

Kimmi has her own page with more info on it, as do Kcee and Katey
Tears flow down my cheeks as I reminisce and remember when 
When you came into our house bringing laughter and joy way back then

In those first precious weeks everyone came to see 
Our newly adopted Yorkie and nobody paid any attention to me,

Weeks drifted by, and months, and then the years they passed 
And as you grew into your senior years I wondered just how long this bliss could last,

My answer came all to soon, when your health seemed to fail 
When once you ran and jumped so high, now you seemed so frail,

And with these times love still glimmered in your eyes, my heart was broken through 
For I knew the end would come all to soon, and without you what would I do,

I caressed your head and told you, how much I loved you so 
And wished you a speedy journey, and that I hated for you to go,

The Bridge you crossed to heaven with Rainbows strong and true 
Can never be as beautiful as the love I have for you………………. 
Kelsey was Gabby's sister, one litter later.  She was born on January 24th, 1996.  At 7 1/2 pounds she was an obedient loving companion.  She passed away peacefully in my arms while I was giving her a belly rub..  R.I.P.
Hairamic Statue
of Kelsey sits right next to my computer
I'm sad to report that Andy, Gabby's litter mate, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/2/2007.  May he be joined again with Gabby and may the both of them Rest in Peace...

Reported to me by:
Everett & Phyllis Rexford, Andy's Mom & Dad 
Gabby & Kelsey
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