Kalie came to us from Argentina.  At 3 years old she lost her footing while chasing a ball and tore the first 2 ligaments in her neck. (A/A Sub-luxation) She was in a hard cast for 6 months and now is in a soft cast.

While the Neurologist says we could eliminate the soft cast, Kalie is very active and we think it prudent to leave her in the soft cast as long as she isn't bothered by it.
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This picture of Kalie was taken 11/24/2015.  She's still in a soft cast on her neck but it's not seen in this view!  The cast doesn't slow her down at all.......
This video of Kalie, in the black Neck brace, playing with Kcee, shows that her injury isn't slowing her down.  This is more than a year after she suffered the A/A Sub-Luxation of C1 & C2