The information contained in this page is accurate to the best of my knowledge....   
There have been many Breeder changes, so many if fact, I've been unable to keep up with changes around the country and beyond.

Therefore I'm no longer maintaining MY OWN list of Recommended Breeders.

I'm directing those interested in finding a reputable breeder to go to the  Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Recommended breeders.

You can find those listings Organized by State @
I make no representation for any breeders listed on the YTCA website.  Like anything else your good judgment should be used when dealing with any breeder. Be careful when any breeder represents "TINY or TEACUP" Yorkies.  This is incorrect terminology for the breed and is usually done to get a higher price and attract those that just have to have a smaller than normal dog. 
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Over the years I've received Complaints about several breeders.  I have some listed on this page.  Click here to go to WARNINGS Page