Yorkie Facts...

A lively and intelligent toy terrier, courageous and with a even disposition. Long straight hair that is parted on the nose and all the way down the back to the tip of the tail. The posture is straight and should convey an air of self-importance. The overall shape should give the impression of a vigorous, well proportioned dog. 


Note !! There is no such thing as a TEACUP YORKIE.  That term is incorrect as it relates to a Yorkshire Terrier and is used by some to misrepresent a dog, to confuse a potential customer, or by people that don't know the standard for this breed!!!

The head should not look apple-shaped. Rather small and flat on top, not too rounded. The eyes are medium large, dark and with an alert, intelligent expression. They should not protrude. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite, though a level bite is acceptable. The ears are V-shaped and relatively small, in keeping with the overall size of the dog. Drop ears or hanging ears are not permitted. 


Docked to a medium length, with plenty of hair, and carried slightly higher than the level of the back. 


Compact and short, but not squat. A straight rather short back is important as are proper angles in the joints of the hind legs, which supply the spring for their speedy motion. 


The quality of the coat in this breed is very important. The coat should be long and perfectly straight. For show dogs on the other hand the hair must be floor length. The hair should be silky, smooth and shiny...never wavy. The testure of the coat and it's color and markings are just as important. The hair is supposed to be dark steel blue from the back of the head down to the tip of the tail. This correct color has a blue sheen to it when viewed in the sunlight. The tan on the head should be bright gold not reddish gold. The tan hairs are darker at the roots than on the ends. The hair that falls down over the face is called a "the headfall" it should be long with the same golden rich hue. The color is slightly darker at the base of the ears and on the muzzle. The tan on the head should never extend beyond the neck, and there should be no black hairs mixed into the tan. The tan on the legs should not extend above the elbow. 
This page was last updated on: September 10, 2018
Dogs of ideal weight will stand 8 to 9 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder. The standard doesn't prescribe a size. 


The ideal weight lies between 4 and 6 pounds, but a Yorkshire terrier intended for breeding should not weigh less than 4 1/2 pounds. The Yorkshire terrier should not exceed 7 pounds. 
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