So many people write to me and say they are going to breed their pet Yorkie!
Do you know about all the genetic defects that affect the breed?

Do you know how to get Genetic testing done prior to making a match to insure healthy pups?

Do you know how much aftercare it takes to raise puppies?

Do you know that you could lose your female when she tries to deliver pups that are far too big to be born naturally?

Do you know anything about the male that you plan to use as a stud? 

Do you know that most Quality breeders never make one red cent on the sale of their puppies?

Do you know that there are far to many Yorkie pups that have Liver Shunt problems, Collapsed Trachea, and Luxated Patellas?

Do you know that there are far to many people that don't have the slightest idea of what they are doing when they breed  their Yorkie until it's to late?  

Do you know what the breed standard is and how to breed pups that meet that standard?

Do you know what others look for in the color or texture of a Yorkie's coat?  

Did you know that trying to breed out serious or life threatening faults may only cover them up and they will come back to haunt you?
Do you know that there are hundreds of other questions you should know the answer to before you attempt to breed your Yorkie?
So Please think twice, and twice again before you subject your little Yorkie to being bred.  Just like raising human kids, it takes more than giving birth to be a good caretaker of the resulting births.
Being a good breeder is so much more than you ever imagined.  It takes more than fertilizing the egg by a male to breed quality Yorkies.

Sure you think your little girl or guy is the cutest Yorkie you've ever seen.  But how much do you really know about breeding dogs?
Using your male at stud will

1)  Make him forever start to mark your furniture and anything else he can to        attract the females
2)  Make him impossible to house break
3)  Make his urine very stinky
4)  Make it necessary for you to keep him confined or in diapers because of          the marking
5)  Cause the possibility of VD, Brucellosis and other infections
6)  Increase the risk of testicular cancer (not being neutered)

If you want to do this on a regular basis, you have to be content to know that “housebreaking” is never going to be the same.  As long as you are willing to accept these consequences, they go ahead and breed your male.  

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