Warning to anyone thinking of buying a puppy from:

  Charkara Kennel  
Charmaine Berglof
  Surprise, AZ

Refrain from doing so.  'Nuf Said"
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Opinions expressed either in a positive or negative manner on any breeder are mine alone.  They have been formed based on factors that I believe to be true and correct.  Like anything else your good judgment should be used when dealing with any breeder. Be careful when any breeder represents "TINY or TEACUP" Yorkies.  This is incorrect terminology for the breed and is usually done to get a higher price and attract those that just have to have a smaller than normal dog. 
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Georgia & Oklahoma

I do not recommend: Carolyn's Yorkies
 Carolyn Buffington in Elberton, GA
or Glenda Beavers in Tahlequah, OK

WARNING about someone selling Yorkies in Indianapolis area:

Jane Miller
7535 N. Sherman Dr.
Indianapolis, IN.  46240
Phone 317-595-XXXX
Toni C found her ad in the Indianapolis Star newspaper. Toni's Yorkie Sally was diagnosed with a single extrahepatic portosystemic Liver Shunt shortly after coming into Toni's home.  Jane Miller was contacted and she refused to offer any compensation and claimed the dog was healthy when she sold it.  She also claims she's not the breeder and therefore has no responsibility to do anything. 
NOTE!! Anyone that's bought a puppy from Denise, and has had problems, PLEASE contact me at by Clicking Here.  I'd like to gather additional information on her and her sales practices and misrepresentations.
More on Denise, the Sutton, MA  so called breeder...  I received the following on 4/19/06  and it's a must read......

Message: I sold Denise 2 of my Yorkies in November of 2003.  I didn't know that she was a broker until I talked with a girl on the phone about an ad that I responded to about a male this person was selling. 

I found out that this person purchased her female fom Denise and paid $3000.00 for her. When she mentioned her name and told me about her place and what it was like she described it to me like buying a car the better it looks the more money.  Anyway we both got burnt.  I sold a male pup and a small female that I  thought were going into a home where they were going to be her pets.  I also was told by this individual that she saw my female Mia that I sold her, and Denise said she paid alot of money for her which wasn't true and that if she was to sell her she would go for at least $5000.00.

She claims a dog of hers was in a magazine as well. I saw her web site on breeders net just last night and it looks like she still has my female, by the picture, she changed her name to BeBe. I was crushed to find out that she is going around doing this not only to me but to others as well.  I also know of a man that also sold a litter of 5 pups to her for $750.00 each she told him she had a bed and breakfast place and the pups would be good for her business when people came in.  I was told that she has a litter every now and then but she buys the pups and resells them for the most part. 

She has a few that she lets run around her home and the males and others are in the cellar in cages. I hope this was some help to you and anyone else out there.  It was a hard and painful lesson that I learned in being so trusting I love my yorkies like my family.  I am still brokenhearted over this but I think that people need to know about her and to stay clear of her and others like her.
Joanne Gusciora   ([email protected])
Email I received & Name withheld upon Request:

Just wanted to thank you for posting this detailed letter and message. I checked on Denise through the web and your message came up hours before I was supposed to meet her. I got the creeps when she told me to bring more cash than we had initially agreed was a bait and switch scheme if there ever was one...I also wondered why she didn't have the dogs registered for $1995. Needless to say, I was very disappointed but thrilled not to be taken by her. Your website helped me tremendously! It's working....Thank you!

Here's Another:

5/12/06: I just heard from another customer, who's name I'm withholding, that has a sick 12 week old Yorkie just bought from Denise . This little pup has Coccidiosis, which is very contagious and he is currently being treated with Albon.   The owner is heartbroken that the puppy she spent a lot of money for just a week ago is a very sick dog.

Wow, I was told about your site and was glad to see Denise is getting the just press she deserves!  My wife and I were looking to replace our Yorkie that had passed away and a friend told us to contact his sister whom had gotten a Yorkie a couple of years ago from some "breeder" in Sutton MA.  It turned out to be Denise.  ( I should note that she had no complaints about Denise or her dog, she loves her dog)

We were very excited to contact Denise and she sounded very convincing on the phone about being really into it for the dogs, her being so knowledgeble about Yorkies, sending me to her website (which comes across as very profesional and gives the impression of a very reputable breeder)

The first RED FLAG went up when my friends sister told me " little XXXX is sooo cute, he has the floppy ears and everything!  He's so cute!  (by the way...she paid $2,500.00 for her dog)  I told her "Yorkies are not supposed to have floppy ears", to which she told me " Oh, no....she breeds them to have floppy ears, theyre so cute. (Obviously Denise had conned her into believing this was a desireable trait and was worth $2,500.00!  Well, I decided to contact her anyway because we could not find a local breeder with any females.)

She started out sounding very knowledgable and making you feel like you need to have one of her dogs.  RED FLAG  #2: At the time she said she had 5 or 6 females and about 5 male puppies for sale.    Most of the other breeders seemed to only have 1 to 3 pups total, gee, she has a lot of pups for sale!  I asked her how much the dogs were, she said $1,900.00 to $2,500.00.

After speaking with her a few times, I told her I was not interested in a dog with floppy ears.  I told her I have had a  number of Yorkies in my life before, and I expected any dog we would be getting to have "normal" Yorkie traits ( not floppy ears, etc.).  She then told me "well, you obviously know what you want in a may come here and see a dog you like and it could be $3,000.00 or more" (the price suddenly jumped a thousand dollars!!)  To make a long story sort of short......I spoke with her on a Friday, again on Saturday, had a "date" to go and see the pups on Sunday (which she blew off).  When I finally reached her on Sunday,  we set another meeting time for 4:00 pm on Monday.  

I cleared my schdule for the afternoon on Monday, as did my wife, we cancelled guitar lessons of my sons, my daughter skipped gymnastics and we were in the car leaving for Sutton to see some pups.  I called Denise to let her know we were on the way, and I started to ask her "we are on the many dogs do you have to look at that are going to fit into what we were looking for?"  She said, "I think maybe just one, you know with the ears that stand up and stuff".  I asked her how much this particular dog is going for, and she responded with a pause and then said "I am not sure......I need to get back to the house and I can check for you, I will be home in about ten minutes, I will call you right back (RED FLAG #3).  I then asked her "the parents of this dog both have their championships, don't they?  She stuttered, stammered and then said "you may be better off going to a breeder closer to your house...." I said, no, we'll come see this one dog we may like (remember we were not finding anyone with females available anywhere local) Please call me back with the price of the dog.  

She NEVER called us back, and we wound up turning aroung before we even got on the Mass Pike.

The more questions I seemed to pose to her, the more evasive she became.  I got the impression that she is ripping people off.  She is selling dogs at TOP DOLLAR prices and they don't even have championship bloodlines.  She even bragged to us about a lady who lives on Newbury Street in Boston and she paid her $5,000.00 for her Yorkie!!!!  

Sorry to go on so long, but I really was upset after dealing with her, taking the time out of our work, etc, just to get blown off by her in  the end.  Well the only good thing is that we didn't buy one of her floppy eared rippoff pups.

It is wonderfull that you have a forum for people to learn about her devious ways and be aware that there are dirtbags like her out there.

Please do not use my name, but you can relay some of our experiences to others BEWARE this lady!!

PS:  We wound up with a beautiful female Yorkie from a "real" breeder.
Judy & Nikki Borelli from Barrie MA bought Bella from Denise.  Bella was soon diagnosed with MVD, a Liver Disease, and although it's not fatal, it's a genetic desease that requires a lifetime of special diets and medication to keep Bella alive.

Denise promised to supply AKC papers but she never delivers on her promise. 
Jerry Semel, bought a Yorkie from Denise and within days it showed signs of being sick.  They brought the puppy to their vet and found the pup had ear mites, worms, it was dehydrated and close to death.  Denise refused to return telephone calls or in any way compensate Jerry for the expenses he incurred.
Here's a place in Oxford, MA that I wouldn't 
buy any dog from.  They even claim they're a broker!   PUPPY BROKERS are as close to a Puppymill as anything gets.

Laughlin Kennel
11 Larned Road
Oxford, MA 01540-2703

They were sent a negative email about 
their kennel and they had the audacity to 
use the person's email address to enter a 
message in their Petition web site.  The 
return email was as follows:

Thank you for signing the petition titled 
Laughlin Kennel is NOT a puppy mill 
located at the following web address:

Any place that does someting like that or has that type of page must have a lot to hide and  complaints, and I can see why!

Maine   "WARNING"

It's been reported to me that Judith Bolduc of Jetaime Yorkshire Kennels at 32 Garcelon St., Lewiston ME 04240 sold a confirmed Liver Shunt dog and has refused to compensate the owner.

Here's some of what she said to me when I emailed her.

"Sarah will not get a refund final."
"As a breeder we do not breed for unhealthy pups. But during devlopement nature sometimes takes the wrong course."
"I will offer no refund on the puppy as my contract states. "

Before you would even think of buying from this breeder, ask yourself,



A word to the wise..........

These are the tests that were done on this puppy to confirm a Liver Shunt.

He has had a regular blood test, leading the Vet to want to take blood from the liver, which led them to think he has a Liver Shunt. They then did a Bile Acid test and that pointed to a Liver Shunt.  Then he had ultra sound and it confirmed a Liver Shunt.  He has had 3 seizures, hypoglycemic attacks, he's a picky eater, he's throwing up, and he's losing weight.

The AKC Reg. Numbers are there to see by anyone interested.  
See the Pedigree of the Sire & Dam of this Liver Shunt dog  by clicking on "PEDIGREE" image to the right  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
4/11/07 A lady who called me, bought two puppies from Denise and one died, and the other that was promised to be under 4 pounds is now 14 pounds.
4/13/2007   I bought a Yorkie from Denise and found that she had coccidia and giardia. I bought my girl in February.  I did  not contact Denise because  I realize now that she knew of the parasites as she urged me to take the puppy to the vet immediately and not wait for an appointment that I had scheduled  2 days later. 
Submitted  on Saturday, June 09th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

I just had to add my experience with Denise.  I saw her web site and fell in love with the adorable faces of the Yorkies. It says that she had a write up in Boston Magazine that was very flattering.  I have since learned she probably paid to have it put there.  After many tries of getting her at home she finally told me to come to her home which she described as serene  and quiet and that her puppies never barked because of the environment.  I drove up on a Friday  to see these beautiful Yorkies.  She knew I was coming but wasn't there to greet me so I asked the gardner where I should go to find her.  He directed me around to the back of the house where there was a kennel and lots of barking puppies ( of course puppies should bark when they hear strangers,my Yorkie always did that).   

#1    I thought she said they all grew up in the house not in kennels.  I have to say I never got to see all the puppies so I don't know what was in that kennel.

She took me into the house where she showed me a very large beautiful looking Yorkie and another smaller one.  She said these were the bitches she used to have the puppies that she was about to show me.  Then she let a few tiny Yorkies run around ( she called them TEA CUP Yorkies....I have now been educated to realize there is no such thing according to the AKC.   I have to say that I fell in love with one who I picked up and it cuddled and nursed on my neck.  She entered the room with another "TEA CUP" wrapped in a blanket...she said she had to feed it every two wasn't eating properly.   A  RED FLAG went up...but I was smitten with the one I had in my arms.  I told her that I had fallen in love with the one I that she told the girl working for her to bathe the puppy ...that I would be taking it. 
I then quoted the price she told me over the telephone of $ 1998. and she immediately said that the price for the TEA CUPS started at $2900. and could go up to $3500 and further to $5000.      I said you quoted to me $1998....with that she said I'd
could have a puppy for that price and she brought out a very large puppy with floppy ears...of course all puppies are beautiful but this was getting stranger and stranger by the minute.    

I thanked her for her time....with that she told me I would be back when I learned what was out there.   One last thing....she told me about a couple who the following evening purchased a TEA CUP Yorkie for $3500 after looking at all the breeders in our area.

I immediately went home and called our Vet and was referred to wonderful people who really educated me on this woman and other scary breeders.   I have found out what questions to ask when purchasing my the Bile Acid test, etc.   I have now found an honest breeder that I am working with and I am delighted.  I just wanted everyone to BEWARE ....Do your homework and contact  AKC breeders ...ask Veternarians ...

The only sad thing is that I keep thinking of the darling puppy who probably won't be around long because of bad breeding and my heart breaks....Save yourself from this please.

Name withheld upon request.....
Another so called Breeder in Sutton MA that advertises on some breeder pages is a puppy broker: Her Ad reads:

Absolutely gorgeous, tiny (2-5 lbs) sweetheart puppies. Baby doll faced loves, devoted, non yappers. AKC Champion lines. Bred for excellent health. Small, fluffy babies with great dispositions. Lovingly raised in my home to be happy and socialized. A portfolio with a vet health certificate, pedigree lineage, all shots, wormings and Eukanuba puppy food is supplied. Exceptional quality, $895 and up. Located 4 miles off Mass Pike (Worcester County). Call Denise at 508-865-XXXX or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Her Web site is countryhomeyorkies

I'm told she breeds some of the dogs but also brokers others.  It's been reported to me that her dogs had Ear Mites, Fleas and Round Worm when they left her kennel.  She is now claiming that her Dam is a $10,000.00 MultiChampion and even shows a picture on a magazine cover claiming that's her dog.  Don't believe it!!
Be aware of suspected puppymills/Brokers  in Charlton, Oxford and Holliston MA.
As said in your web site, Denise is a broker and hardly has any puppies of her own, I called and asked alot of questions about your site and she was very upset and said she did not want to answer questions, that you were out to get her, she keep avoiding me going to look at the dogs, my girlfriend and I went and most of her dogs are kept in kennels in the back of the house...They are not home raised as she states, I also heard that her pups are shipped from puppy mills from Canada, and some from down south, she has 36 puppies at this time...Yet She only has 3 females, where do they come from?????
Anyway, I did not get a dog, did not trust her after seeing your site, but, my girlfriend did and her dog had tapeworms, round worms and ear mites and very sick, she called Denise and she hung up the phone on  my friend....I feel people should know this about Denises's dogs and my girlfriend asked me to write you, my friend has no computer at this time..She (Denise) should be closed down on just dishonesty alone....So far my girlfriend has spend over $400.00 on vet bills and still on going....Thanks....
July, 2007.
I received this on 10/17/07

i just heard from the woman who comes to my home - they, the groomers she lives with, just got a 13 week old pup - 7lbs that looks more like an Aussie from this  person.  They were informed that she was just voted "breeder of the year" - by which puppy mill do we suppose?  Is there no way to stop this broad????  
Message Received 11/3/2007: I just wanted to make a statement on Denise in Sutton who sells Yorkshire Terriers, and states how they are home raised and live with her...Well she shows 33 puppies right now for sale, and now has 3 web sites, 2 new ones, selling  Pugs and Dashound at:  Country Home Doxies, showing 8 dashound puppies, and then she has pugs.... along with her original site selling Yorkies.  Isn't that alot of dogs to live with within one household or is this just another name for BROKER, and puppy mills?  .....I just had to let people be aware of this for many reasons of my own with dealing with her...... Beware, and look behind her house, ask to see all the puppies, and I know you won't, she brings out only one at a time.....  READ ON BELOW...
Don't believe Denise's story about why she doesn't give AKC papers. It's an empty excuse that isn't accurate:  REF:  Limited AKC registration: 
( Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.  Insist on AKC papers or find another place to adopt a puppy!!!!!!............... 


Ericka,45    Email: [email protected]

Message: I bought a Yorkie from Denise and my dog had a lot of problems like he had a hernia problem and a liver problem ! I hate Denise ! that's why my puppy died at only 3 years old because of her liver promblem.

June 25, 2008 
I was given your name by xxxxxx.  I called her regarding a sick puppy that I purchased from Denise Ronayne in Sutton, MA.  I returned the sick puppy within 14 days, but she is refusing to refund my money.  Do you have any advice  or guidance that you could offer?
Thank you!
Jill Keough


Stephen, I thought you might be interested in hearing the end of our puppy saga...
As I mentioned when we last spoke, Denise had refunded 2/3 of the price of the puppy to us, but was witholding the balance.  We did file for small claims court, and 5 days before our court date, we received a phone call from her lawyer, asking to settle.  We received our balance, as well as court filing fees and legal fees from Denise last week.
I'm so relieved that this is over and done.  
Anyway, please post our horror story on your website if you can, we'd like to prevent others from experiencing the mess that we did!!!
Thanks for your insights!
Jill Keough

Name: Sandra Hale

Email: [email protected]

Message: I bought a Yorkie from Denise on 2/22/09.  The Yorkie was 4 years old; she charged me $2,700 and told me the dog would need her teeth cleaned and to be spayed.  When I brought the dog to my vet, he told me her teeth were in deplorable condition and it did not appear they had ever been checked by a vet.   On 3/10/09, I brought her in for her teeth "cleaning."  It turned out that she had to have ten (10) teeth extracted.  I asked the vet again if her teeth had ever been checked and he said that it did not appear so.  I did not receive any written guaranty against genetic defects and I did not receive anything from a vet regarding the dog's health.  All I received was a canine health record filled out by Denise.   I received a bill of sale, with no name of the dam or sire, so it could have been totally fictitious.  She asked nothing of my ability to care for the dog, if I owned my own home or anything else about me.  She was not in the least concerned about the dog's welfare.  She just wanted the $$$.  When I complained about the lack of care of the dog's teeth and suggested she pay a portion of the $481.94 fee (due to neglect on her part), she refused.  The dog could not go up a flight of stairs, nor was she housebroken.  When I left Denise's house, she paid absolutely no attention to the dog, not even giving it a hug or a kiss.  She told me the dog slept in her bed and that she had stairs for it to get to the bed.  The dog didn't know what a stair was.  She also told me that a dog is never housebroken when it moves to a new location.  I know that is a lie; I have had two dogs in the past and when I moved, they both were still housebrokern and did not have to learn again.   She said she raised all of her dogs in the house and they had free rein to roam.  I emailed her several times with questions and she managed to evade them all.  PLEASE, PLEASE warn others about her and her tactics.  One other thing, I asked her the dog's name and she told me it had no name.  Tell me, who has a dog for four years and never gives the dog a name?  
August 31st, 2011 

Hi Stephen,

You will be happy to know that we won our case against Denise today.  If you recall, we initially won based on a clerk magistrate's decision but she appealed.  We returned to court three additional times and finally received a trial today.

The judgment is less than we wanted ($781.00) as we hoped for a $1500 refund.  Aside from the financial gain, we are so pleased to have defeated her and are able to put this behind us.

Thank you for exposing this woman's deceitful scam on your website and for supporting my claim against her.

I contacted another person who posted a complaint on your site and she provided a letter of support for us.  In her letter, she also mentioned that she and her friend was not charged sales tax, as we were not as well.  Someone should alert the appropriate agencies to expose her illegal business practices.

I hope you are feeling well and are getting the best care possible.


January 1st, 2013  as told to me by another dissatisfied customer!


Denise Ronayne of Sutton MA  is  (Also Know AS)  

Denise Lavoie at 34 Merriam LN., Sutton, MA 

Denise's web site(s) say she is ACA registered.  Read on:

Q. I am buying solely as a companion pet, is there any reason I shouldn't buy an ACA registered puppy?
A. I can think of one very clear reason why you shouldn't: doing so lends your financial support to puppy mills, commercial mass-breeding farms which raise animals under substandard conditions. 

Most of the dogs supplied by puppy mills or backyard breeders to pet stores are registered with the ACA or the America's Pet Registry, Inc., (APRI) which has less stringent standards for registration than the AKC.  They CANNOT be registered with the AKC!

NBC6 in South Florida 
Investigative Report  on Wizard of Claws and its 
Ex-Felon Owner Jim Anderson

Read More about Wizard of Claws

There have been many Breeder changes, so many if fact, I've been unable to keep up with changes around the country and beyond.

Therefore I'm no longer maintaining MY OWN list of Recommended Breeders.

I'm directing those interested in finding a reputable breeder to go to the  Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Recommended breeders.

You can find those listings Organized by State @